DIY Unicorn Halloween Costume

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NO ONE loves Halloween like my mother does. Halloween has always been a main event at my house and my super talented mom has always gone to work creating me some amazing (and always homemade) costumes.

This year I opted to go with a super fun cotton candy colored unicorn costume! And the best news is that the whole thing was really easy, can be done in an afternoon, involves ZERO sewing, and cost me only about $20.

Materials (everything can be found at Joann Fabrics -- and remember to use a coupon!):
- Piece of elastic that will fit around your waist
- Several colors of tulle, about 6-8 yards total
- Headband
- White felt
- Pink paint and white paint
- Pink and silver glitter
- Hot glue
- Styrofoam ball
- Cream colored yarn (large size package)
- Ribbons in same colors as tulle, about 6 rolls total

To make the tutu: 
1. Fit the elastic to your waist and secure with hot glue or with a sewing machine, if you know how to sew. The elastic should be tight enough that it won't slide down once it's weighted down, but loose enough to stretch over your hips.
2. Fold the tulle in half and cut strips approx. 4 inches wide
3. While the tulle is still folded, tie the tulle in knots around the elastic. Be sure not to knot too tightly to keep the skirt fluffy. Continue tying around until the skirt is nice and full!

To make the tail:
1. Wrap the styrofoam ball with the yarn until it's covered, wrapping the end piece of yarn up underneath.
2. Decide how long you want the tail to be. I wanted mine to be fairly long, so we took a large throw pillow and wrapped yarn around it to create the length of the tail. 
3. Wrap one of the ends with more yarn, like it's a ponytail holder, and secure it to the ball.
4. Cut the loops on the opposite end
5. Filter in ribbons by wrapping them around the length of the tail and over the ball portion of the tail.
6. Secure it to the tutu with safety pins

To make the headband:
1. Cover the headband in pink paint
2. Cover the painted headband in pink glitter
3. While the headband is drying, cut two pieces of white felt to form the ears
4. Paint a pink outline on the ear pieces and cover in pink glitter
5. Roll a large piece of white felt to form a cone, securing the ends with hot glue
6. Cover the cone with white paint and cover in silver glitter
7. Secure all pieces to the headband with hot glue

I paired my tutu with a white one piece swimsuit I already had and some silver strappy heels. I loved the costume, but I think the makeup took it over the top!

Makeup Products Used:
- The Perfect Face Foundation, I really love this foundation for a big event like Halloween because it has such full coverage and lasts well for photos
- Lightest Highlight from the Carli Bybel Palette -- which is SUCH a great palette for a great price!
- Neon Pink Nars Blush (used for contour and eyeshadow) I can't find my exact blush palette, but I linked a similar color.
- The Perfect Face Shimmer Pigment in Moon Gold (used for eyelid and brow bone)
- MAC Pro Longer Eyeliner in Mountain Air for bottom water line
- Wet N Wild Glitter Shadow in Groupie (only $1 at CVS!)
- MAC Lipstick in Speed Dial
- MAC Prep + Prime Finishing Mist -- To make the look last all night!
- Pink and clear gems purchased at Dollar General for $1!

I wanted the look to be extremely glowy and shimmery, so I spread the Illuminating Mineral Veil all across my chest, arms, legs, and face. I also used TONS of highlight and added in pink glitter across my chest. 

See how glowy the Illuminating Mineral Veil is?!

To apply the gems to my face I used mod podge (weird, I know, but it worked great!) I let the glue get a little tacky and applied the gems to my cheekbones. They stayed on great all night and came off easily when I washed my face.

And there you have it! Have a fabulous Halloween!!!!

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