How I'm Transforming My Body

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To be honest, being "fit" was something that I never thought much about. I'm naturally pretty skinny, but I had no idea what to really do at the gym. So, I'd go and spend about 20 minutes on the elliptical and call it a day and go home and watch Netflix all day.

I made a change back about 15 weeks ago as we were going into the holidays. I just wasn't happy with my body. There wasn't anything wrong with it-- I just didn't feel healthy (plus, this was around the time of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, so, you know.) So, I started Kayla Insine's Bikini Body Guide (BBG). 

The Workouts 
The workouts looked pretty easy to me at first glance -- two circuits that you run through 2x each, 28 minutes a day total. But let me tell you, after the first couple days I was so sore that I thought I was never going to walk like a normal, non-penguin like person ever again.

Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do the resistance training workouts (i.e. push ups, sit ups, etc.) and each Tuesday and Thursday I do cardio. I added in Saturday cardio as well a few weeks ago. 

The thing that I really love about Kayla's program is that she doesn't force you to run. I've never liked running, but having back issues gives me an eXcUsE so I don't sound lazy. And let me tell you, my cardio is by no means lazy.

Here's what I do:-
Set the treadmill to the max incline (15%)
- Set the speed to 3.0 mph
and walk for 35 to 45 minutes, depending on how much time I spent in bed that morning reading articles about lipgloss or whatever shows up on my timeline that morning.

This has been very effective for me.

Eating Habits
Changing my eating habits was a slow change for me. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a little over a year ago, so I've been feeling a bit like LET ME LIVE (meaning I eat whatever gluten free carbs I can, whenever I can.) 

But once you're working hard for your body, it feels like such a waste to just throw it away with bad eating habits. So, I started getting creative. I found recipes for gluten free & healthy foods that I actually LOVE and eat almost every day (I'll share some of those soon, promise!)

I spend most of my day eating moderately to very healthy, then I have room in the evening for some splurging, whether that be going out to dinner with friends or the leftover Christmas cookies I still have in my freezer.

Here are some tips for staying on track when it comes to your eating habits:
1. Eat frequently. If you get hungry, that's when you'll mess up. Think about when you go to the grocery store hungry. If i'm trying to diet and I'm hungry, then basically that's what my whole life is like. And then before I know it I'm eating half of a grocery cart.

2. Prepare food in advance. I get super busy, but if the food is right there in my fridge in some tupperware then I'm fine. I usually cook in the evening for the following day, or I make a larger portion earlier in the week to save for later.

3. Bring snacks E V E R Y W H E R E. I typically have at least 3 snacks on me at all times because being hungry is really the worst. I usually have some fruit, a protein bar, and maybe some gluten free granola or a rice cake. I rarely, if ever, eat them all but I like to have options.

4. Track your meals. I've become addicted to My Fitness Pal. It's free in the app store and is seriously the best thing. It encourages me to work out because more work outs = more leftover Easter candy. It also makes it so you don't feel so bad about when you do splurge because if you plan right, you can still be on track.

So go ahead, eat those leftover Peeps you got for 90% off after Easter. I believe that if you just do your workouts,  you can live your life AND have the body you want. Do I want to wake up and go to the gym? No. But the whole rest of my day feels 1000x better after I've been. It puts me in a great mood and always gets me started on the right foot.

UPDATE 8/3/16: I ordered a Jawbone UP Move a couple of months ago for less than $25 and LOVE it. It's one of the best things I've used to stay on track. Read the full review here.

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