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6:08:00 PM

Knowing that I'll be moving out of my house in May, I've found myself to be extremely overwhelmed by how much stuff I have. This is embarrassing, but I have two closets in my room and they were both absolutely stuffed with things spilling out (because I'm a shopaholic and can't be helped.)

Last night I had had enough. Clutter is stressful. I came across the Kondo Method awhile back and was inspired to do some tidying up. Here are a few of my main takeaways from her cleaning method:

1. When looking at an item, simply ask yourself if it "brings you joy." It sounds cheesy as all get out, but I swear it works. I found that there's a gut reaction when you look at an item or even try on a piece of clothing you haven't worn in awhile. If you really love it, you know. And if you don't BYE!

2. Don't keep something just because it was a gift. I feel SO guilty when I get rid of a gift, but you know what? You can't just hold onto things that you never use.

3. You also can't hold onto something just because it was expensive... or because you swore you'd wear it all the time but it sat there collecting dust after the first wearing... or you "swear you'll fit into it someday." This isn't my first time decluttering using her method (I shoot for about 2x a year) and I've realized just how much guilt I feel when I have to stare at that dress I spent so much money on for an event. That daily guilt is worse than the guilt you feel when you toss it. Because once it's gone, it's gone.

It's definitely a challenge to get rid of so much, but it's also liberating. If you get rid of everything in your wardrobe that makes you unhappy, you'll find that you suddenly feel like you have a whole lot more to wear.

I challenge you to take a look at all that you've been accumulating. Get rid of what doesn't work for you and move on. I promise you'll feel a whole lot better.

P.S. In case you're interested in anything I got rid of, I've posted many of the best items on eBay HERE. Feel free to take your pick!

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