Ultimate Blackhead Removing Facial + Miss Universe Watch Party

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I love a good pageant watch party. I invite some of my closest friends and we sit on the floor around the coffee table in my living room eating semi-healthy snacks and screaming for our favorites. It's quite the tradition.
My dear friend K. Lee Graham (who happens to be Miss Teen USA 2014, in case you live under a rock, and is also the most extraordinarily dorky and lovely person I know) and her boyfriend Alec joined my roommate Bailey and I for Miss Universe 2017 this past weekend and I decided to step the festivities up a notch.
We all dressed in our PJs and embarked on an epic facial experiment to get our pores as clear as the incredible top 3 (whom we were obsessed with!) I should warn you though, they call it The Hell Facial for a reason. By the time I cooked the solution (more on that later) only K. Lee and I were brave enough to follow through.

The Hell Facial
Ingredients: Plain Gelatin, $1.69 at Publix; Milk (any percent)

1. In a disposable* container (I used a Solo Cup) add
- 1 tablespoon of gelatin (approx. 1 individual package-- they come 4 to a container) and
- 2 tablespoons of milk. Stir until thick.
*Note: The word "disposable" should probably have been my first clue. This stuff is serious and isn't going to come off for just anything.

2. Heat substance for 15 seconds in the microwave.

3. Hurry up and put it on your freshly washed face ASAP. Ours was incredibly hot so we had to wait a few seconds, but it starts drying fast. I used a balled up paper towel to slather it on both of our faces. Try to avoid your hairline and eyebrows (rookie mistake.)
WARNING! This stuff smells horrible. No joke, we sat there gagging while watching the girls walk in swimsuit. Don't worry! Eventually it'll kill off your nose hairs and become more tolerable.

4. Wait until it dries and then peel it off, about 10-15 mins. We were cracking up, or at least trying to, because our faces would. not. move. and we are seriously silly around one another.

5. We peeled the majority of our masks off during the evening gown competition over my kitchen sink. It is painful. Yet also so grossly satisfying. I'm that creepy person that loves watching pimple videos, so I got a real kick out of seeing the junk come out of my face.

6. Once you've got most of the concoction off your face, wipe it off with a warm, damp washcloth and moisturize heavily.

Rating: We have a winner! 10/10 would recommend!
This is an excellent inexpensive alternative to Biore pore strips and I can honestly say I think they work better. K. Lee and I agreed that next time we would probably focus only on our noses and skip the rest of our faces (ripping off the baby hairs all over your face is no fun), but the results were really incredible. I plan on doing the mask on my nose once a week.

My face feels as lovely as Miss Colombia's looked and if that doesn't tell you enough, then you need to go watch the pageant over again.

Planning on trying it out? Let me know how it goes!!!


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