Valentine's Day Gifts for Guys

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I LOVE GIFT GIVING! Wow, overzealous. But also so true!!! You know how everyone has a love language? Mine is giving and receiving gifts. Before you go on and say, "Wow, so materialistic," let me explain!
I love the thought that goes into a really great gift. Nine times out of ten my favorite gifts are the ones that are built on how well a person knows me, NOT how expensive the gift was. My dad is a fantastic gift giver, so I've grown up learning from the best.
With Valentine's Day coming up, I've gotten on the ball early! For me, it's not only Valentine's Day, but also my three year anniversary with my boyfriend, so no pressure... So without further ado, here are some of my favorite Valentine's Day gifts for guys for any budget! Look away, JC! Just kidding... I would never give away the surprise like that.

1. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Amazon
These were a gift I gave Collin for Christmas and he loves them! He loves music, so a nice pair of headphones made a great gift. I chose these because the sound quality is phenomenal, they're wireless, and come with a bunch of different inserts to make sure they settle into the ear really well (also helping the sound quality.) The price is reasonable too!

2. PocketMonkey Multi Tool, Amazon
Collin has owned two of these. They're small enough to fit in a slot in your wallet, but incredibly functional. They're great for the handy guy and pretty darn creative.

3. Bullet Bottle Opener, Amazon
Being the sweet guy he is, Collin brought one of these to my dad when he visited at Christmas. My dad was stunned and absolutely loved it! He has since shown it off to a bunch of his friends. Did I mention my dad is super hard to buy for? Because he is. So it means a lot that he was so excited!

4. Craft Beer Subscription, Beer of the Month Club
If you're getting him a super cool bottle opener, then he needs something to open! You really can't go wrong with craft beer -- because it's cRaFtY. I honestly don't understand beer (allergic-- my body literally repels it), but I do know that guys love it. Opt for the easy method and sign up for a subscription service, or DIY one and buy up some 6-packs to gift every month.

5. Dry Fit University Polo, Amazon
Men like comfort, end of story. A dry fit polo is like the best of both worlds. It looks nice enough to wear out, but is probably just as comfortable as their favorite t-shirt.

6. Cashmere Quarter-Zip Pullover, Nordstrom
This one is even on sale! I will fully admit that Collin is probably fancier than most, but who wouldn't love a really nice cashmere sweater? This one is at a great price point and I will always buy from Nordstrom over anywhere else because of their customer service. That means no stress!

7. Custom Nikes, Nike
This was actually a gift that Collin got me this year for Christmas and I was SO excited! In my case he had some sneakers custom made that had been on my Pinterest, but I think guys would love some custom sneakers just as much!

8. Yeti Tumbler, Amazon
This is the cup to replace all cups. My dad is obsessed with his and Collin uses his all the time. They're great for tailgates, beach days, and morning commutes because they'll keep your beverage hot or cold for as long as you could realistically be drinking it.

9. Yeti Cooler, Amazon
Or, if you want to just go over the top completely, get him a Yeti cooler. These things are so well built that they'll last you years and years. Not wanting to spend quite that much? My mom has this one from RTICand swears it's just as good!

10. Cook him dinner!
I swear I don't think I've ever cooked a meal that hasn't been messed up in some regard, but Collin still really appreciates when I take the time to cook for him. Valentine's Day can be really stressful for guys (bye, money), so save him some stress and cook a nice meal at home. One of my favorite Valentine's Days with Collin was actually the year that he waited too long to make dinner reservations and every single restaurant in Columbia was booked. He ended up making me an amazing lobster and filet mignon dinner (and set off the fire alarm like 5 times somehow-- not kidding) and it was great!

Getting one of these for the guy in your life? Let me know how it goes!!!

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