10 Ways to Make Tomorrow a Better Day

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1. Give yourself plenty of time to wake up. I've said it before and I'll say it again I am NOT a morning person!!! Taking a good 5 (okay more like 30) minutes at the start of the day to wake up makes me a much happier person.

2. Exercise first thing in the morning. You may have to force yourself into your workout, but endorphins are no joke. I treasure my time alone in the gym in the mornings. It lets me clear my head and gain some perspective before I start my day.

3. Wear what you love. If I like my outfit, then my day is just better, period. I recently cleaned out my closet (read more about that here) and now getting ready is a whole lot easier. I love (or at least really like -- I mean, how much can you really love a plain gray t-shirt from Target?) my whole closet, so I don't go through any of my days not liking my outfit.

4. Read a book. One of my favorite things to do is read books. They can be inspiring or just plain fun, but regardless reading makes you smarter. Turn off Netflix and pick up a book that you really enjoy and your head will feel much clearer. A couple of my recent favorites are The Magnolia Story, Going Off Script: How I Survived a Crazy Childhood, Cancer, and Clooney's 32 On-Screen Rejections, and really anything Jennifer Weiner has written because those things are like candy. I'm currently reading Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person and it is wonderful!

Photo by Charlie Mather Photography

5. Get ahead while you can. In any given semester I'm juggling school, work (usually more job than one), and spending time with friends, family, and my boyfriend. I try to take care of as much schoolwork as I can at the beginning of the week so that I can spend the rest of the week on the fun stuff.

6. Get the f*%# off Instagram. And Facebook. And Twitter. And Snapchat. It wastes your time and does very little good. Some of the most interesting people are the ones that don't post their every move online. I recently deleted the Instagram app off my phone and it's made a world of a difference, but we'll talk more about that in a later post.

7. Spend some time by yourself. As outgoing as I can be, I really cherish my time to myself. Whether it's spending time sitting in my backyard with a book in the sunshine or locking myself in my room with a candle for a couple hours and a couple episodes of The Office, time to myself makes me feel the most like myself.

8. Take a walk with a friend. There are a few friends that I go on walks with regularly and it's incredibly therapeutic. Here in Columbia we're lucky because we have access to the West Columbia Riverwalk. It's on these walks that I'm able to decompress and talk about life with some of my favorite people. Without fail I leave these walks feeling renewed and reinspired.
Taken on my favorite day pretty much EVER! At the Baccarat Hotel in NYC after a day walking in Central Park with JC and shopping on Fifth Avenue. 

9. Drink margaritas. Or prosecco will do. There's really nothing that can't be cured by a margarita and some salsa and that's just a fact. (P.S. tomorrow is National Margarita Day and the PERFECT excuse-- you know where I'll be! Shout out to Monterrey in West Columbia)

10. Let go. Oh my gosh I wish I learned this one earlier. I still struggle as we all do, but I honestly don't see any day as a "bad day" anymore (or things would have to be purely cataclysmic in order for me to feel that way.)

This past Friday I got a parking ticket THREE minutes before I returned to my car (most expensive smoothie ever, it's fine) and spent the remainder of the day in the health center at school dealing with an ongoing health problem while attempting to get some internship work in. But you know what? It still wasn't a bad day. I went to dinner with one of my close friends that night who I hadn't seen in awhile (with margaritas, duh) and spent the evening watching the movie Tangled all by myself. And it was GREAT! I paid the parking ticket online that night and now I don't ever have to worry about it again.

The point is, every day you are given a choice. Things will get in your way. Quite possibly a train if you live in Columbia, South Carolina. It is your choice to react in a way that won't ruin the rest of your day. Because honestly, the world is NOT out to get you even if it may feel that way. The world probably doesn't even notice you. The world has s#!t like famine to deal with and you are not top priority.

Do something every day to bring joy to yourself. Take some time to focus on you and I promise that will translate into a better, more complete focus on the other people in your life.


Photo by Charlie Mather Photography

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