A Different Kind of Body Transformation

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I don't know about you, but the first thing that I do every day when I wake up is sit on my phone for about 20 minutes, forcing myself awake while perusing my Instagram and Facebook feeds. Lately though, I've felt like I've been in a fog that I can't get out of. You know when you take a nap in the middle of the day and you wake up and you're not quite "with it" yet? That's what I've felt like constantly. And you know what? I think a big portion of it stems from reading a very interesting article my professor sent me about Instagram influencers.

Essentially, the point of this article is that none of it is real. There's this insane pressure in our modern society to always be "plugged in." People constantly update their feeds with light, bright photos of their breakfast and their gorgeous outfits at fancy dinners, but it's all so carefully curated that "anyone can do it." If they want to dedicate the time, that is.

I had thought to myself, as so many probably do, that being an Instagram influencer would be sooo cool. The thing is, I'm not so sure it is. What I think the world is lacking is a reality check.

So today, instead of showing you how to do perfect makeup or fitness inspiration, I'm going to show you a different kind of transformation.

Photo 1: Taken at 7:33 pm on Tuesday, January 31. 

Photo 2: Taken at 10:00 am on Wednesday, February 1. The very next morning.

To clarify a few things: 
1. I am not puffing out my stomach or sucking it in in either photo. I also am not housing a child, regardless of whether it may appear that way.

2. I didn't do some crazy crash diet cleanse between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning (plus in what world would that even work?!) 

3. I have Celiac Disease (gluten allergy that does this sort of thing to my body on the reg), but I actually hadn't consumed any gluten this day-- to my knowledge because sometimes you really just don't know. I hadn't even had dinner yet. 

Nope, this was just my body being, quite honestly, a normal body. 

Does it suck? Yes.
Do I think that other people deal with this? ABSOLUTELY and that's why it's so important to bring up.

I remind myself constantly that I have young girls following me and that I have a responsibility to recognize that and act accordingly. So when I read that Bloomberg article and saw these negative traits in myself that made my sick to my stomach about others-- and my stomach did its funky bloating thing that very night-- I felt compelled to share.

I 100% believe in the power of treating your body right and working out. But you know what else I believe in? Eating Chinese take out and drinking wine with my friends. Know your body and it'll forgive you when you take a night to live it up.

I know just how easy it can be to see these Instagram models posing with their Skinny Teas in a bikini and to think, "wow, they're so much fitter than me." You know what? They probably took 50 photos that day to get that one perfect shot of their abs.

I don't want anyone to feel inadequate. Have I made great progress with my fitness? Oh, definitely. I've never been in better shape. But I still have days when I'm bloated and feel like death and that's okay.

You've just got to accept yourself where you're at at that moment-- and maybe invest in a pair or two of high waisted leggings that'll always make you feel amazing. It's really okay to let go, I promise. I'll be right there with you eating a whole bag of popcorn while we watch Netflix.

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