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When I moved into my little house three years ago I was coming off of a summer making max $9/hour. It was the summer after my freshman year at USC and I knew I wanted my apartment to look a certain way. I had a VERY minimal budget, so I took to Pinterest, Craigslist, Marshalls, and Goodwill to do the most with what I had.

The result is a fun, vibrant, colorful as all get out kind of house! My house is a 3 bedroom, so I have 2 roommates and I figured that the more colorful the house was, the easier it would be for us to make sure all of our things would work well together.

I've been dying to do a home tour on my blog for some time now and finally got around to taking the photos! Selfishly, I also wanted to be sure to do this because I'll be graduating in 2 months (OMG!!!!! HELP!!!) and I want to remember all of the parts of this little house. Living here for the last 3 years has made this place feel just as much like my "home" as my parents' house does, if not more so.

Turquoise medallions... found in my parents' attic & spray painted.
The idea for a super colorful decor theme came from these ladder-back chairs. They're as old as me and my parents were nice enough to give them to me when I moved in. The only problem was they look pretty dated. After seeing how expensive chairs are online (even at Target... what?!) I decided to take what I had and modernize it by spray painting each a different color. 
The table was a Craigslist find! $100 and it's a really nice, sleek solid table. It was originally a lighter stained color, but we easily painted it to match the chairs. My dad is going to kill me, but I plan on staining it dark for my next apartment to change it up.

Laugh Often sign is from Marshalls on clearance for $10.
Gold Mirrored Starbursts are Target but found at Goodwill! Fun fact-- Target donates a lot of their unsold merchandise to Goodwill! These came in a set of 3, but only had 2 left in the package so off to Goodwill they went. They were completely brand new and I got the set for $3.50. I saw them in Target 2 weeks later for $24.99 for the set!!

Plates are Lilly Pulitzer c/o Swagger Boutique & Gifts in Cary, NC (I have the matching cups too! And we literally never use them because I want them to stay perfect  -- *makes mental note to start living life and use my darn cups*)
Mirrored Tray is from Marshalls, on clearance for $12.
Flower Arrangement made with a Goodwill vase for $1 and flowers from the end of summer clearance at Michaels. 

The bookshelf decor is almost entirely from Goodwill! Goodwill is the BEST place to find vases, picture frames, and deeply discounted books. Plus, that super cool golden and wooden clock is from Goodwill. Buy it at Goodwill and wash it or spray paint it and it'll feel brand new. (Side note: ignore the Christmas decor I haven't had a chance to take home yet)

This bar cart was my roommate Erin and I's joint gift to our other roommate, Bailey. This one was from Target, but is currently sold out . Amazon is another great resource for bar carts though! 
I can't take credit for the cute styling on this bar cart-- that's all Bailey on this one! I love how it turned out. I can, however, take credit for the vodka. Thank you, Svedka and Smirnoff for your great service to this apartment. 

Erin purchased the coffee table (along with a bunch of kitchen goodies) for I believe a grand total of $25 from an estate sale and stained it!
Rug is from Target, here. It's decent quality at a great price, goes on sale all the time, and will ship to you for free if you don't feel like picking it up.
Couches are from Rooms to Go and came as a set of 2. They were a great price, but it still felt like such a splurge while being in school. I saved up all summer sophomore year to buy these and they've been worth it!
Orange pillows came in a set of 2 for $19.99 at Marshals. The turquoise and floral pillows were purchased as a set off of eBay.

Yes, we have 2 sets of Cards Against Humanity. Ignore us. This lamp was on clearance at Marshalls for $22!!!! I'm obsessed with it. The end tables are from Target (can't find these exact, but another color is linked here). This is one of my favorite stories as far as where things came from -- back when I interned with MSNBC they sent one of the interns out to Target to buy end tables to use on the set and at the end of our time there, they were going to throw them out (they had only been used for 3 weeks!!!) Instead I took them and now they live with me. 
This lamp used to be really, really ugly and then we spray painted it gold and swapped the lampshade for one I had used in my dorm and now it's fun!
The wall collage is definitely one of my favorite parts of our living room! I found the frames in a variety of places (Goodwill, my parents' attic) and spray painted them using the same spray paint I used on the chairs. The ampersand sign was at Michaels for $4 and I spray painted it gold. The Marilyn photo was from a discount home store in Raleigh. My mom and I made the sequin chevron picture using some sequin trim she had laying around and a hot glue gun.

These stools were a project I worked on this summer. Erin found them on our school's Free and For Sale Facebook page, but they were originally from Pier One. They're super nice and sturdy. They were originally this awful shade of green, but she bought some white paint and found the stain she had used on the coffee table and I spent like 35 hours outside with an electric sander and paintbrush and now they look great!

Utensil Holder: Kate Spade 

This TV stand was such a steal!!! It's not beautiful, but it certainly gets the job done. I was searching on Craigslist for tv stands one day while I was at work and this one came up FOR FREE! I called my parents and screeched into the phone and begged them to pick it up and there you have it, my free television stand.

I hope you've enjoyed my living room tour! I'm going to be devastated to leave here in just a couple months, but I also definitely cannot wait to start decorating my new place. It will NOT be nearly as colorful, I can tell you that! I'm ready to go a LOT more neutral next time around. Color was perfect for my college home, though!

If you have any additional questions about products (I'm sure I missed a few things!) or want DIY/design tips, feel free to reach out!

NOTE: Since I'll be moving out of my house in May, much of the decor you see here will be for sale for a GREAT price. Let me know if you're interested!


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