Planning a 21st Birthday Party + DIY Birthday Sign How-To

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I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! I really, really do. My birthday is my favorite holiday, ask anyone and they’ll tell you. I don’t just love my birthday, though. I love other people’s birthdays too.

I love buying gifts. I take pride in putting a great deal of thought into the gifts that I purchase for people.

But something is in the water, I swear, because I have six birthdays to celebrate over 3 weeks-- SIX! Including both of my roommates’! Birthdays are expensive no matter how you slice it, so considering I have so many I figured I’d need to get a little creative.

Below I've laid out all of the things I did to make my roommate Bailey's 21st birthday great along with ways I made it all a little bit more affordable. For one thing, my roommate Erin and I went in on everything together! It definitely helps to have someone to help out.

I decorated the house in pink and purple using streamers and balloons from the dollar store and a banner from Marshalls.
Cost: Streamers and balloons, $5; Banner, $4.50 (on sale!) Target's Dollar Spot is another great place to find banners and other fun party decor.

Funfetti cupcakes with strawberry frosting
Cost: $2 for cake mix, $2 for frosting

 Birthday sash, necklace, and a mini bottle of Bailey's (since you can't throw a 21st birthday for a Bailey without a bottle of Bailey's!)

Bailey recently purchase some bulldog salt and pepper shakers, so we figured the cookie jar was the perfect gift! To amp it up for her 21st birthday we filled it with pink mini bottles.  We got her a few other gifts as well that aren't pictured.
Cost: $19.99 at Target, plus the cost of mini bottles

Etsy sells wine bottle labels for a ridiculous amount of money. I liked them a lot, but I didn't think they were worth the money. Instead, I made one in Photoshop and we laminated it and taped it on. 
Cost: Free, minus the cost of the wine bottle.

Easily my favorite part!!! I loved making this birthday sign! I found a similar design on Pinterest and amped it up a little bit.

Here's some helpful hints:
1. Do what you can on the computer first. I found the Friends font (called Gabriel Weiss' Friends Font, available for free download here) online for free and printed the letters in white with a thin black outline to make them easier to cut and to make sure I got the letter shaping right.
2. The other font was done through a really haphazard method of tracing using some tissue paper and a print out of the words in this free font, here. I'd recommend investing in some of the Martha Stewart Transfer Paper they have at Michael's if you do a lot of crafts though because it'll end up being a real time saver.
3. Glitter is your BFF on a birthday sign. I started off trying to use Mod Podge, but had better luck with a regular bottle of Elmer's glue and chunky gold glitter.

Don't forget to include a birthday checklist on the back!

Her reaction!

It's not your 21st birthday if you don't do a shot at 3:30 pm!

I would say that the birthday turned out to be a huge success! Erin and I put a ton of time and effort into each piece of it, but it was so worth it in the end.

Let me know if you end up using any of these tips to make a birthday sign! I'd love to see your finished product.


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