The Story of that Time I Moved Across the Country with Two Weeks Notice

10:15:00 PM

Almost three months ago I packed up my life and moved across the country for the second time in a year.

It happened really quickly-- in just about two weeks, actually. I interviewed for a job as a Desk Assistant at NBC in their Washington, DC bureau (an absolute dream job of mine) in mid-December and found out I got the job just two days before I was set to come home for the holidays.

There were a TON of logistics to figure out. I had to give notice at my job in Dallas, find someone to sublet my apartment (or pay $5,000-- no thanks), pack up all of my belongings, find a new apartment in DC, and drive across the country all before my start date two weeks later. Oh, I’d also literally never even been to DC before!

I think the thing that surprised me the most was how things kept falling into place.

I am a planner. I will read reviews on dozens of restaurants on Yelp before settling on a place for a random Sunday brunch, so you can imagine how all of this uncertainty over a quick move (across the country) gave me anxiety.

I was stressed and had so many moments where I thought I had to be making a mistake and then before I knew it, all of the “problems” I had started working themselves out one by one

I found a subletter. 

I found a reasonably priced moving service. 

My old roommate, Erin, drove up from Waco to help me pack my life away. 

My dad and I spent 4 hours in DC and we found me a fantastic DC apartment with a great roommate.

One by one things worked out to the point that it was honestly freaky.

If you aren’t happy with your life, take control. It’s on the of the most empowering feelings to know that you are in the position to change your life. Feeling stuck in your job? Guess what, even though it may not feel like it, there are countless opportunities out there if you’re willing to go find them. I changed my whole life in just two weeks and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Moving to DC and restarting my career in broadcasting with NBC is easily one of the best things I ever could have done for myself.

Here I am in full flu-suffering glory during the Bomb Cyclone, otherwise known as a really horrible terrible freeze/snowstorm that happened to occur at the same time I moved.

Major thank you to my parents, who allow me to be this crazy-driven ball of energy and for supporting me even when I move every 6 months.

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