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I'm Kelsey! I've lived in New York City for the last 2 years, which was a lifelong dream of mine (and let me tell you, it's lived up to the hype.) I work for NBC News Now as an Associate Producer. I got my start with the company back in January 2018 as a Desk Assistant in our Washington, DC bureau. From there I moved on to NYC to work for the 3rd Hour of TODAY. In my time with NBC I've covered everything from the historic Trump impeachment trials to the the rapid international spread of coronavirus. I've watched as the field of 2020 democratic candidates shrunk from 25+ candidates down to one.

I've learned a lot, had the chance to meet some of my idols (looking at you, Katie Couric!) and  I'm lucky to say that I've never questioned whether this was the job for me. 





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